About us


Vision and Mission


To collaborate with families, schools, NGOs, business organizations and the government to promote Positive Education Movement in Hong Kong. We are dedicated to bringing positive changes in the long run.


SOWGOOD!Positive Education Centre is the first ever centre in Hong Kong promoting positive character through experiential learning activities. The service targets are students in kindergartens and primary schools, their parents and teachers. Our objectives are:

  • To provide an appropriate learning environment for children to enhance their positive traits and emotions to face future challenges
  • To offer training workshops to parents so that they can become the life coaches of their children for a healthy upbringing
  • To support schools and teachers by enriching their knowledge and practical skills in positive education
  • To build a collaborative platform where families, schools, NGOs, business organizations and the government can work together to create an environment to promote comprehensive positive character education in Hong Kong

Founding Teams

St. James’ settlement is a multi social service agency which provides high quality comprehensive services to meet the diverse needs of our society, enabling individuals to help themselves and each other so as to build an integrated and harmonious community.

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The D. H. Chen Foundation is a Hong Kong-based private philanthropic organization founded in 1970 by Dr. Din Hwa Chen, an ardent philanthropist and a devout Buddhist who also established Nan Fung Group. Over the past decades, the Foundation has been supporting numerous worthy community philanthropic initiatives in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other parts of the world to enrich lives.

To this day, Dr. Chen’s philanthropic vision continues to drive the Foundation’s work efforts. Aspiring to build a compassionate society, the Foundation has been endeavoring to steer innovative, impactful and sustainable initiatives to realize Dr. Chen’s philosophy “Care for others as well as you would care for yourself.”

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